Lavinia Falck

About Lavinia Lavinia joined the Laaser Lab in January 2021, where she worked with Zi on simulations of mechanochemically-active block copolymers until she graduated in May 2021. In addition to her chemistry major, she completed a physics minor and a sustainability certificate. Selected Publications

Henry Sun

About Henry Henry joined the Laaser Lab in summer 2019 as an undergraduate researcher.  He graduated in spring of 2020, and and is currently continuing his undergraduate on understanding the phase behavior of poly(oxacyclobutane) in water prior to joining Pitt’s graduate program in chemistry in the fall.

Lexi Knight

About Lexi Lexi joined the Laaser Lab as an undergraduate researcher in January of 2019, where she is worked on characterization of complex coacervates in the presence of different salts.  She graduated in spring of 2019, and plans to start her PhD in chemistry at Case Western in the fall.

Marissa Puppo

About Marissa Marissa joined the Laaser Lab as an undergraduate researcher in January 2018, where she worked with Frankie on characterizing polyelectrolyte complex coacervates.  She graduated in Spring of 2019 and currently works at nanoComposix in San Diego, CA. Selected Publications

Swati Arora

About Swati Swati is a fourth-year graduate student in chemistry. She was a member of the Laaser Lab from January 2018 through April 2021, where she developed new types of polymerizable ionic liquids for organic electronics applications.  She is now a member of Dr. Hernández Sánchez’s group, where she is completing her PhD in materials […]

Caitlyn Choe

About Caitlyn Caitlyn was an undergraduate researcher in the Laaser Lab in Fall of 2017, where she worked on potentiometric titrations of polyelectrolyte complexes. After graduating in spring of 2018, Caitlyn moved to Cleveland, where she is currently pursuing her teaching credential.

Brandon Myrga

About Brandon Brandon joined the Laaser Lab in January of 2017, where he worked with Zi and Swati on the synthesis of mechanochemically-active block copolymers. Brandon graduated in spring of 2018, and is currently a chemist at PPG in Pittsburgh.

Frankie Morin

About Frankie Frankie joined the Laaser Lab in January of 2017, where she investigated the origins of viscoelastic behavior in polyelectrolyte complex coacervates.  Frankie graduated with her MS in chemistry in August 2019, and is now teaching at Pittsburgh’s City Charter High School. Selected Publications

Morgan Cyron

About Morgan Morgan joined the Laaser Lab as an undergraduate researcher in fall of 2016, where she worked on her own project on the synthesis and characterization of dynamically-crosslinked polymer networks. Morgan graduated in April 2019, and after graduation, traveled to Mozambique to teach secondary science as a member of the Peace Corps before returning […]